Re-imagining Peter Dahmen’s Pop-Up Flower

flower1During my search on the Internet for new pop-up projects to learn and try, I came across Peter Dahmen’s beautiful pop-up flower design.  Mr. Dahmen is a German paper engineer.  As such, his designs are an amazing combination of the precision of engineering, balance of architectural design, and elegance in artistry.

Mr. Dahmen generously provides templates and instructions for several of his projects.  I was excited to give this particular pop-up flower design a try.  The project is much more challenging than the pop-ups that  I normally do, and it took me several tries before successful completion.  Fascinated with the design, I decided to experiment with several different versions.

I highly recommend that you start by first visiting for the designer’s instructions on how to fold, cut, and assemble the different pieces of this project.

flower2The tutorial videos below focus on the assembly of the smaller flower pattern that I tweaked from Peter Dahmen’s original template.  I found the assembly process to be the trickiest part of the project, and hope that these videos will help to make it easier for you.

These templates are half the size of the original.  Regular copy paper works well for this project.  Just make sure that you also have a sharp pair of scissors and tool (such as compass tip or dried pen tip) for scoring the fold lines.



I hope that you will enjoy this amazing project as much as I did!

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