Hair So Pretty

My latest beauty obsession are headbands, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for bands that are pretty and delicate, but practical enough for everyday use, and that don’t cost a fortune. I soon discovered, however, that my boxes of old hair accessories and costume jewelry held more possibilities than I could find in stores.

I lead an active lifestyle and live in a warm climate, so have always preferred short hair. After a recent haircut, however, the stylist and I agreed that I needed to give the side-pinned bangs look a rest. After some experimentation, I found that giving my pin-straight hair an all-over curl with a flat-iron, messing it up a bit, then placing a headband on at just the right angle, could give me a pretty, made-up look with little effort.

Here’s a headband that I made recently using an old fabric-covered headband and clearance jewelry from Target.


I disassembled the flowers from the original bracelet and removed their metal backing.


I then covered the old white headband with a scrap of fancy ribbon.


I attached the ribbon using Scotch multipurpose glue, which dries clear.  The ends of the ribbon were wrapped under the headband and also glued. I made sure there was a bit of glue on the cut ribbon edges to prevent fraying. The ends were clamped with a paper clip while they dried.


Using my favorite headband as a guide for placement, I glued the flowers onto my prepped headband.


You can see how simple these steps are! Pretty parts from items that cost next-to-nothing, fancy scraps, old accessories, and a little imagination, can be combined to make beautiful “new” treasures. I hope that you will soon enjoy discovering your own pretty treasures!


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