Graceful Butterfly Pop-Up Card

admin-ajaxHere’s another Spring pop-up design from paper artist Robert Sabuda.  Depending on your choice of paper and decorations, the creative possibilities are endless for this pattern!

Before we get started, go ahead and download the design template and instructions from this link:  Butterfly Pattern

Following is my version of the instructions:

1.  Trace the butterfly wing patterns A and B onto card stock.  I used a double-sided printed card stock.


2.  Next, cut out both pieces of the design.  I used the flower-print side of the paper for the front of the image.  I also outlined the edges of the wing pieces to give them more definition against the background.


3.  Prepare the base of your card, making sure to transfer the placement guides from the template provided.

4.  Fold the tab on the butterfly wing pattern A towards the front of the design, then unfold.  Place a small amount of glue on the back side of this tab and attach to the base card according to the placement guide.


5.  Fold and unfold the tab on the wing B pattern in a similar manner.  Slide the wing B pattern down onto wing A as shown.  Make sure that the butterfly head and antennae are even.  If not, you may need to cut the slit on wing A a little deeper so that wing B can slide down further.


6.  Place a small amount of glue on the back side of the wing B tab and match up with the placement guide on the base card.


7.  Make sure that all your glue spots are dry.  You can now close the card and the butterfly should fold towards you as the card closes flat.


8.  So simple yet so lovely.  Decorate and enjoy the magic of your butterfly pop-up card!

image image

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