Majesty Bakeries

imageOne of my comfort foods from childhood has been bread (not toast) with butter. Lately, however, I’ve been quite disappointed with the taste and quality of prepackaged sliced bread. And I never thought I’d write about sliced bread, but here goes.

I’ve searched high and low for good bread, and have found it in many places. However, unless I plan ahead, my timing for the fresher loaves at Big Buns Bakery, or Trader Joe’s, or even Smith’s always seems to be off … So I end up hopefully picking up a bag of wheat or multi-grain from the grocery store, taste buds anticipating that delicious sandwich image in my belly-brain. More often than not, however, my taste buds are left disappointed, and half the package goes towards helping the birds in the backyard survive through the fall … then the winter, then the spring …

I wasn’t sure if the quality of manufactured bread had really gotten worse, or if my tastes had outgrown the childhood joys of plain bread & butter or PB&J.

But finally! And this is where the product endorsement comes in … I have found a delicious packaged bread at Walmart (of all places!). It’s called Sweet Honey Multi-Grain Bread, by Majesty Bakeries. These slices are just the right thickness and texture of grain and soft bread, with the slight sweetness of Hawaiian bread.

I was so impressed by this evening’s simple sandwich of bread and Pepper Jack cheese, that I had to look the company up. It turns out they are a wholesale bakery located in Las Vegas with products at several major retailers. Check them out!



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