Pop-Up Angel Card

Here is a beautiful, but simple pop-up angel card to make for your special someone.

I found the pattern (along with many other treasures) on paper artist Robert Sabuda’s website –  http://wp.robertsabuda.com/pop-make-angel/

Here is my version of the instructions.


1. Print out the paper patterns. Use your preferred method for transferring the angel pattern to a heavy specialty paper, such as gold card stock. You will also need cardstock for the card itself, and to mark placement of the angel pieces, per the pattern.



2. Carefully cut out the traced angel pattern pieces from the specialty paper.

3. Remember to score and fold the angel pieces as marked. These folds will be where you attach the angel pieces to the card.

4. Combine the two angel pieces. Keep the angel head towards the front and wings towards the back.

5. Apply glue and position the angel onto the base card as marked.

6. For the pop-up magic, fold the card in half to close while helping the angel to fold down along with the card.

I had a bit of a gluing mishap in this video, but was able to color in the error with a gold metallic Sharpie for the final product below.

I hope that you’ll enjoy making and sharing this card with a loved one!


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