Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

You can make a special, personalized Christmas card with this simple pop-up project.

I found the pattern (along with many other treasures) on paper artist Robert Sabuda’s website –  http://wp.robertsabuda.com/pop-make-christmas-tree/.

Here is my version of the instructions:

1.  Print out the paper pattern. Fold the pattern down the middle along the dotted line, then cut through both layers of paper along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines.


2. Fold a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ green card stock in half and gently tape the prepared pattern from step 1 to the card stock, lining up folded edges.


3. Lifting pieces of the pattern as you go, gently transfer the cut and fold lines onto the green card stock.  If your printer can handle it, you can skip this step and print the pattern directly onto card stock.


4. Cut and fold the card stock according to the pattern lines. Fold the tree layers forward and backwards.


5. Now open the card entirely and fold it towards you to close as you pop and guide the Christmas tree layers outward from the card body and towards you. (The video will show you these steps in real-time.) You’ve created your pop-up Christmas tree!

6. To make the tree fancier, use the pattern as a guide and cut alternating tree layers from specialty paper. (I’m recycling this holographic design from an old gift bag.) Paste these layers onto your card stock tree.  You can personalize the card further by adding a star on top of the tree, ornaments on the branches, etc. You may also want to add a backing to the card before giving.




I hope that you’ll enjoy making and sharing this card with a friend!


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