Customizing My Jewelry Box

After untangling necklace from bracelet for the umpteenth time in my jewelry box, I decided it was time to organize my collection of bling.  Traditional jewelry cases often can’t be customized, nor do they allow you to see what’s inside until you open the box – so I attempted to see if I could create such a one for myself.

I browsed through a Michaels Crafts Store, considering various storage containers, but many were too deep or too large for my liking.  I was starting to feel disappointed, as all containers were on sale for 40% off, AND, there was a coupon for 20% off the total purchase.  On my way out, I took a last look in the scrapbooking department for any possibilities when I happened upon these photo storage boxes.  They were just the right size and depth, acid-free, and Made in the U.S.A.  They’re usually priced at $2.99/box – with the sale and coupon, I paid $1.44/box.

boxFor the boxes in which I planned to store bangles, bracelets, and necklaces, I cut out pieces of fleece (5.75 x 7.75 inches) to use as liners.


On the box to be used for rings, I attempted to create a slotted ring display using the items I had available – tape, straws, super glue (1).  These leftover straws just happen to be red and green – no holiday theme intended! Using a piece of paper cut 5×7 inches as a base, I positioned the straws at every 1/2 inch mark on the sticky side of upturned pieces of tape, leaving an almost 1/4 inch gap between the straws.  After the straws were positioned, I trimmed the edges to fit my paper base (2). I then started layering the construction with a piece of fleece cut 5.75 inches wide, dotting the gaps between the straws with glue and using the edge of my ruler to work the fabric into the creases (3).  I slid this construction into the photo box and tucked down the sides, completing my ring display box (4).

Image (7)A little bit of thought and half an hour of crafting – I now have my jewelry organized the way I want – by type and visible through the cases.

casesAnd they all stack nicely onto my CD shelf.


I’m happy to have one more organization project completed!

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