Finding My Perfect Makeup Case

image3Like many women, I carry around basic beauty tools to make sure I look decent and don’t scare away the general public after a session in the gym or an overnight stay.  It took me years to figure out just what these essentials are, and to find the right products and packaging that suit my beauty needs and lifestyle.

The next step would be to throw all these beauty products into a bag, and straight into my purse, right? That’s what I thought, until I found myself wasting time, either digging around in a bag that was too big, or trying to make sure that my items didn’t fall onto the locker room floor from a bag that was too small. In addition, I carry a few brushes, and kept those in a separate plastic bag inside my makeup bag.  Very inconvenient!

On a recent trip to Target, I found a container (Contents, $15) that has simplified access to my beauty tools.  This zippered makeupcasecase measures 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches and has a separator for brushes (or any tube-shaped tools and products) and a rectangular compartment for everything else.  A simple solution that allows me to see and access all my items at a glance. No more stress in finding exactly what I need, wherever I am!

As with everything in life – if it bothers you, find a way to fix it. The small things add up and eventually will matter.

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